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3 SEO factors to prioritize according to Google

SEO factor # 1: the content

Martin Splitt explains that the SEO factor number 1 is not the framework that you will use, but the content. It is essential that your site includes content and that it is, moreover, of very good quality, so that it brings an added value to the user. The content must, in fact, meet the needs of Internet users or something they seek to do.

Content that responds to users

It’s not enough to show just how good your business is. We must answer the requests of Internet users. The contents must clearly answer them. For example, if a user searches for a specific product, Google will offer pages offering this product. The content of your product page must therefore offer added value to the user by precisely detailing the characteristics of the product. The added value would also be to offer him more product comparator or other e-commerce features that would be useful. When the request does not concern a specific product, but a subject or a theme, then it is necessary to write a content adapted to the needs of the Internet users. While keywords are important, but we must also focus on the purpose of the page, what it will bring them. Martin Splitt explains:

If your content says where you are, what you do, how you help me with what I’m trying to accomplish, it’s fantastic.

Martin Splitt
Content that uses the language used by Internet users
Martin Splitt also adds that it’s important to focus on the phrases people use to do their Google searches. We know that they are increasingly using long-tail keywords and natural language. This is an evolution to take into account in its content.

Speak the language I use.

Martin Splitt
The terms used in your content may reflect your product, but are those what a buyer would use? The content is sometimes much too technical, especially on B2B sites. If you sell heat augers, for example, it would be good to offer content that explains what this tool is for. If you explain that this is used to drill or dig holes in the ground, to do drilling, etc., you will directly meet the needs of users who type the query “tool to dig a hole.” Here are two examples of product sheets, one with much too technical content, the other with technical content plus explanatory content on the product.

SEO factor # 2: metadata

According to him, the most important factor after the content is the use of meta tags that will describe the content. This will allow Google’s robots to read and understand more easily the content of your page. But it is also useful for Internet users. The meta description, for example, is a small excerpt from the page that appears in the results pages, allowing users to quickly identify which page corresponds to their request, that is to say their needs and expectations. Similarly, meta titles are just as important. Your pages must contain titles that correspond to the theme of the page, while being unique. You probably know that Google penalizes duplicate content. So you have to make sure you write content, meta descriptions and unique titles.

SEO factor # 3: the performance of the website

We have often repeated in our articles, especially since moving to Mobile-First Index, the load time of a site is a very important SEO criterion. The performance of a site is precisely the third factor mentioned by Martin Splitt. John Mueller, SEO spokesperson for Google, had recently said in this regard that this ranking factor was not a substitute for all others. Many ranking factors are taken into consideration, which is a good thing. The idea is not to apply everything perfectly. The speed of loading is certainly very important, but that does not mean that a very fast site will always finish at the top of the ranking. The nuance is there. The performance of a site is an SEO factor, but it is not necessarily an algorithmic ranking factor. On the other hand, the algorithm will not highlight at the top of the ranking sites that are not performing because Google does not want its users to live an experience too long on the referenced pages.

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