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Content Marketing: Focus on Partnerships

Content marketing, as the name implies, is a marketing technique that uses the fame of Content to promote a product.

As a reminder, an content is a person who, through social networks or a blog, promotes a product or service of a brand, with the aim of influencing consumers in their future purchases. But how is Content marketing evolving? Who are his Content? How does a partnership work? Our experts answer you by relying on the 3rd edition of the annual Reech study on “Content and Brands” in 2019.

Instagram: at the heart of content’s profession

In 2019, an content works mainly from the various social networks he has in his possession. As a result, Instagram is voted as the best communication medium for our Content. But why ? Instagram is a social network that is growing in size. It offers a multitude of features to Content. They can publish Stories and interact with their communities, publish visual content, publish IGTV, launch Lives with their communities, and finally interact with their subscribers through the instant messaging service offered on the social network.

In other words, Instagram is a fabulous tool as it is full of creative tools. Also, it is the most sought-after social network for partnerships since 67% of partnership requests concern Instagram. Indeed, thanks to these different possibilities and to the wide audience of the social network, the brands see in Instagram the ideal platform to promote their products as well as their services through visual aids, interactive or not.

But then you are not without asking yourself how do these partnerships that you see every day work on your Instagram feed.

The partnership: the stages of operation
Indeed, every day many partnerships are born on Instagram. So if you’re an interested future content looking for a partnership or a company that wants to promote its products or services through Instagram, here are the key steps to a good partnership.

Linking Content and brands

Contrary to popular belief, Content are not always contacted directly by the brand that wants to make a partnership. Often it is the influential marketing agencies that take care of this step.

The actors of partnerships resulting from Content marketing

Source: Reech infographic
content selection for the partnership
The purpose of the business is obviously to choose the content that comes closest to the brand on different points of view. At first, it must have a real affinity with the product or service presented for example. Then, the content and the brand must share the same values ​​to have a similar image in the eyes of consumers. Finally, the content must be irreproachable to not tarnish the image of the brand in question and have repercussions on the product promotion campaign.

The different types of content of a partnership

A partnership is not always the same. Depending on the needs of the brand, the content of the partnership can change as the duration of the latter. Nevertheless, product placements account for 75% of the partnerships you see on Instagram. This is followed by sharing promotional codes that represent 30% of the partnerships. Information relay, co-creation operations and live tutorials account for 7%, 6% and 3% respectively of the content of the partnerships.

Percentage distribution of different content for partnerships

Remuneration issue, companies and Content are still very discreet about this aspect of the partnership. This is the study conducted by Reech that tells us a little more about the subject and it’s a surprise! Indeed, more than half of the partnerships (63%) are unpaid. With regard to paid partnerships, 87% of them represent less than € 500.

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