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Digital Signature in USA

The concept of electronic digital signature and its technical security

In the world of electronic documents, signing a file with graphic symbols loses its meaning, since a graphic symbol can be forged and copied an infinite number of times. Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) is a complete electronic analog of a conventional signature on paper, but it is implemented not with the help of graphic images, but with the help of mathematical transformations over the contents of a document.

The peculiarities of the mathematical algorithm for creating and verifying EDS guarantee the impossibility of counterfeiting such a signature by unauthorized persons,

What is the irrefutability of authorship.

EDS, an electronic document requisite designed to protect this document from forgery, obtained as a result of cryptographic transformation of information using the EDS private key and allowing identification of the key holder, and

also establish the absence of distortion of information in an electronic document.

EDS is a specific sequence of characters

which is formed as a result of the transformation of the original document (or any other information) using special software. The EDS is added to the original document during shipment. EDS is unique for each document and cannot be transferred to another document. The impossibility of counterfeit EDS is provided by a significant amount of mathematical calculations necessary for her selection. Thus, upon receipt of a document signed by EDS,

The recipient can be assured of the authorship and the immutability of the text of this document.

Application of EDS provides: simple resolution of disputable situations (registration of all actions of a system participant in time),

the impossibility of changing the bid of the participant before the end date of the purchase

In addition, EDS contributes to: reducing the cost of sending documents, quick access to trading, taking place anywhere in USA.

Using an electronic signature is quite simple. No special knowledge, skills and abilities will be required for this. Each EDS user involved in the exchange of electronic documents unique open and closed (secret) are generated cryptographic keys.

The private key is a closed unique set of information with a capacity of 256 bits, stored in a place inaccessible to others on a smart card, ru-token. Works private key only paired with the key.

Public key – is used to check the EDS of the received documents / files. Technically, this is a set of information of 1024 bits.

The public key is transmitted along with your letter, signed by EDS.

A duplicate of the public key is sent to the Certification Authority, where the EDS public key library is created. The Certification Center’s library ensures registration and secure storage of public keys in order to avoid attempts of falsification or introduction of distortions.

You establish your electronic digital signature under an electronic document. At the same time, based on the secret private key of the EDS and the content of the document, a large number is generated by cryptographic conversion, which is electronic

digitally signed by this user under this particular document. This number is added to the end of the electronic document or is stored in a separate file.

The following information is recorded in the signature: name

the file of the public key of the signature, information about the person who formed the signature, the date of formation of the signature.

A user who has received a signed document and has the public key of the sender’s EDS, based on the text of the document and the public key of the sender, performs a reverse cryptographic transformation, which ensures verification of the electronic digital signature of the sender. If the EDS under the document is correct, then this means that the document is indeed signed by the sender and no changes have been made to the text of the document. Otherwise, a message will be displayed that the sender’s certificate is not valid.

Terms and Definitions: Electronic Document – a document in which information is presented in digital form.

Signature Key Certificate Owner – an individual in whose name the signature key certificate was issued by the certifying center and who owns the corresponding private digital signature key, which allows you to create your digital signature in electronic documents using electronic digital signature tools

(sign electronic documents).

Electronic Signature Tools — Hardware and / or

software that provides the implementation of at least one of the following functions – the creation of an electronic digital signature in an electronic document using the private key of an electronic digital signature, confirmation using the public key of an electronic digital signature of the authenticity of an electronic digital signature in an electronic document, the creation of private and public keys of electronic digital signatures.

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