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How is UX Design important to your site?

The digital era forces digital experts to use the UX Design – User Experience process

In other words, the French User Experience – during the creation of the websites. From now on, webdesigners will have to take this element into account during the design of the models. It is therefore essential to understand why UX Design has become so important nowadays. For this, your digital strategy agency helps you understand this concept.

What is the User experience?

It is difficult to make a simple and precise definition of what UX Design is. However, according to the site Usabilis.fr, this concept represents the quality of the experience of a user when he browses a website. It’s his overall experience when he goes on an interface. The User Experience relies on the emotional and usability aspects to define a good UX of a bad one.

This process is also based on multiple domains, which are represented on this diagram:

The domains of UX Design

Its goal is to make an interface easily accessible and usable by Internet users. It should not be confused with the UI – User Interface – which places the design of the interface above the importance of the user.

UX Design for mobiles

The User eXperience does not only exist for desktop interfaces, but also for mobile ones, while using the same principles. However, some points, which differ from the desktop, are to be taken into account. Such as the elements present on the interface, which must all be accessible to the fingers of the user. You must therefore think about their placement relative to the size of the screens. You also need to think about the format in which to develop the interface. That is to say, it must be taken into account that very few mobile users – mobile Internet users – use the landscape format. We must therefore favor the development of the user interface in portrait. Another important point is that mobile users already have the usual gestures, so avoid creating new ones.

The importance of UX Design

The User eXperience is putting the user at the center of attention. His experience with the interface is of paramount importance that it is now done according to how the user uses it. He must be able to quickly find the information he came looking for. For this, you must follow the rule of 3 clicks. That is, he must find any information on the site in less than 3 clicks. Beyond this number, the user leaves the site.

His first visit to the site should make him want to come back. For this, the site must be done according to how the user navigates and what he comes looking for. UX Design aims to improve the functionality of the site so that the visitor experience is maximized and returned.

It is better to work on UX than UI – which should not be neglected either. A site, where the design is mostly developed, will not necessarily return a user. However, the design must be qualitative and give it confidence to stay. While if it’s functional part is optimized, it’s more likely to come back. As a result, you will have more opportunities to retain and convert your visitors.

The comfort of the user has become so important that, nowadays, webdesigners must take it into account when creating their models.

Its impact on SEO

Contrary to what one might think, SEO and UX Design are not enemies. They can even be complementary.

For several years, Google has chosen to better position the websites that correspond most to the research of the user. As a part of the companies, the Internet giant also wants to improve the experience of its users. That’s why it highlights the websites that attract the most visitors.

In conclusion, the more your website is optimized to improve the user experience, which leads to more visits, the better Google will position it in the search results.

What to remember?

UX Design – in other words the User Experience – is a reflex that should have all the professionals of websites. It has become a considerable concept because it values ​​the user aspect, and therefore human, to that of the design of the interface. The more effective and accessible a website is to Internet users, the more likely they will be to return to the website. This user experience will make the traffic more qualitative, and therefore Google will offer it more as a result.

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